What & whom we got here

The website is dedicated to my inspired creative work, which is represented by translated songs, travel notes, photos, audiobooks and other literature stuff so far. In the foreseeable future, I plan on presenting my portfolio, share my design experiments, and such.

As the professional field goes, I’ve managed to fulfill myself spontaneously as a literary editor, technical writer, interface designer, and a little bit as a web developer. Lately, I’ve been working as a freelance photographer.

I profess humanism, enlightenment, critical thinking, and the multicoloured world. I seek to expand my horizons and get rid of prejudice and stereotypes. I believe in art’s creative potential and do my bit as best I can.

My cultural interests include classical fiction, art music, drama theatre, arthouse cinema, and hedgehogs. Among my more exotic hobbies one can find linguistics, numismatics, palæontology, and “Do(om)-It-Yourself” club.

Besides, I am an ovo-lacto-pesco vegetarian and gay, but it shouldn’t scare you unless you are an egg, milk, fish or vegetable.