What & who we got here

The website is dedicated to my inspired creative work, which is only represented by photographs so far that have been lovingly sorted throughout twelve sections: one’s got to begin somewhere. In the foreseeable future, I plan on presenting my design and translation experiments, share my travel notes, and such.

As the professional field goes, I’ve managed to fulfill myself spontaneously as a literary editor, technical writer, interface designer, and a little bit as a web developer. Lately, I’ve become increasingly interested in freelance work.

I profess humanism, enlightenment, critical thinking, and the multicoloured world. I seek to expand my horizons and get rid of prejudice and stereotypes. I believe in art’s creative potential and do my bit as best I can.

My cultural interests include classical fiction and music, theatre, opera, and ballet. (Alright, alright, I love Queen too.) Among my more exotic hobbies one can find linguistics, numismatics, palæontology and “Do(om)-It-Yourself” club.

Besides, I am an ovo-lacto-pesco vegetarian, but it shouldn’t scare you unless you are an egg, milk, fish or a plant.