Sing to me some more

The spiritual audience’s attention is called to the product of my linguistic and poetic exercises.

The melomaniacs will get to use the embedded player and perform their favourite songs in another language, while the connoisseurs are welcome to switch the pseudo-links and compare an equirythmic translation to the original or its verbatim. In the French translations, one can also highlight an unstable e.

This section is best explored on a big screen.

French translation (from Russian)
Mathilde (Матильда) Rostislav Chebykin, Morinille Elerantar The Invisible Album, 2014
Une Valse fortuite (Случайный вальс) Oleg Dzyuba The Songs Singed by the War, 2010
Russian translation (from French)
Контрол-цэ (Pomme C) Calogero Pomme C, 2007
Мы пойдем (On ira) Zaz Recto verso, 2013
Право быть собой (J’ai le droit aussi) Calogero Les Feux d’artifice, 2014
Луна (La Lune) Zaz Recto verso, 2013
Фанни Ардан и я (Fanny Ardant et moi) Vincent Delerm Vincent Delerm, 2002
Хочу (Je veux) Zaz Zaz, 2010
Языческая «Аве Мария» (Ave Maria païen) Hélène Ségara Notre-Dame de Paris, 1998
Париж закрыл врата (Les Portes de Paris) Bruno Pelletier Notre-Dame de Paris, 1998
Смотрю на небо (Les Yeux au ciel) Louis Garrel Love songs, 2007
Красавица (Belle) Garou, Daniel Lavoie, Patrick Fiori Notre-Dame de Paris, 1998
Russian translation (from English)
Гефсиманский сад (Gethsemane) Ian Gillan Jesus Christ Superstar, 1970
Наше лето (Our Last Summer) ABBA Super Trouper, 1980
За день до нас с тобой (The Day Before You Came) ABBA The Visitors, 1982
Пиф-паф (Bang Bang) Nancy Sinatra Kill Bill, 2003
39-й (’39) Queen A Night at the Opera, 1975
Я видела всё (I’ve Seen It All) Björk, Peter Stormare Dancer in the Dark, 2000
В новом году (Happy New Year) ABBA Super Trouper, 1980
Песня царя Ирода (King Herod’s Song) Mike d’Abo Jesus Christ Superstar, 1970
Девушка в толпе (I Am Just a Girl) ABBA Ring Ring, 1977
Russian translation (from Spanish)
До свиданья (Hasta siempre) Nathalie Cardone Hasta siempre, 1997
Russian translation (from Italian)
Поднимем веселые кубки (Libiamo ne’ lieti calici) Carlo Bergonzi, Montserrat Caballé La Traviata, 1967