Sing to me some more

The spiritual audience’s attention is called to the product of my linguistic and poetic exercises. The melomaniacs will get to use the embedded player and perform their favourite songs in another language, while the connoisseurs are welcome to switch the pseudo-links and compare an equirythmic translation to the original or its verbatim. In the French translations, one can also highlight an unstable e.

This section is best explored on a big screen.

Russian to French

  • L’Auteur (Автор — Ростислав Чебыкин)
  • Votre Majesté la Femme (Ваше величество Женщина — Булат Окуджава)
  • Mathilde (Матильда — Ростислав Чебыкин)
  • Une Valse fortuite (Случайный вальс — военная песня)

French to Russian

English to Russian

Spanish to Russian

Italian to Russian